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The Lunation Cycle -the Secondary Progressed Moon in tough aspect to the Secondary Progressed Sun-lasting roughly 28-to-thirty ages is a further delicate timer supporting a proposed birth time at 2:39 PM.

* New Moon Stage -SP Moon conjunct SP Sun- begins in April 2000 (Phillips Exeter Academy).
* Crescent Moon Phase -SP Moon semisquare SP Sun- begins in November 2003 (meets Priscilla launches Facebook).
* First Quarter Moon Stage -SP Moon square SP Sun- begins in April 2007 (will become world’s youngest billionaire).
* Gibbous Moon Phase -SP Moon sesquiquadrate SP Sun- begins in September 2010 (moves home, donates $one hundred million to public colleges, film release ‘Social Network,’ and TIME magazine Particular person of the Year).

What is the objective of my life? What has my soul arrive here to find? The place ought to I target my energy? These are just a very few questions several of us ponder about existence. Can astrology offer insights and answers? I feel it can vis-&agrave-vis the magi Chart.

The magi Chart, derived from our natal horoscope, has possibly been disregarded and underrated. Its origin, mysterious — the earliest traceable data date again to Babylonia with minimal referred to until eventually the beginning of the 20th century. Its significance, mystifying — thought to expose the designs of our higher self or our accurate identity, our soul’s position at the position of its incarnation into this present life time.

The magi chart remains elusive at this time. We may well in no way know just what it represents, even so when we commence to operate with it its significance turns into evident. Discovering our magi chart is convinced to ignite a enormous ‘aha!’ Complex variables of who we are commence to make considerably far more sense.

Simply just put, the magi chart is derived from the natal horoscope by transferring the North Node of the Moon back to 00 degrees of Aries, regarded as the Aries Stage. In other words, it normally takes the natal place of the North Node and appears at how quite a few degrees is desired to transfer the North Node back again to 00 Aries. That distinction in degrees is then subtracted from the natal Angles, the Sun, Moon and the planets to bring them to their magi place – a new degree and sign of the zodiac. Practically nothing has altered in phrases of the horoscope’s gestalt. The planets nonetheless stay in the exact houses. Practically nothing has transformed in phrases of the planetary designs in their romantic relationship to every single other. The aspects concerning planets and factors still continue to be the similar. What has changed having said that is their location inside of the zodiac, in terms of degrees and indications.

People born with the natal North Node quite close to degrees Aries will see practically no distinction between their magi chart and natal chart. This takes place somewhere around every last 18 ages for all those born close to December 1931, July 1950, and April 1969. What it could propose is that these people ‘practice what they preach’ or ‘what you see is what you get.’ Surely the door stays open for further more knowledge.

A great deal can be intuited by learning the magi chart alone. fb daily horoscope, Astrology ebook, facebook daily horoscope

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